IIoT Solutions: Consulting and Turnkey Projects

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The increasing popularity of cloud application allowed the SCADA technologies to evolve further, integrating with the Internet of things.
The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) refers to the IoT application solutions in industrial fields, integrating various technologies, such as: machine learning, big data and analytics, sensor data, Machine to Machine (M2M) and automation.

SCADA Integration and
Industrial Internet of Things

Integrating SCADAand IIoT we can improve the data collection and verification process in speed, safety and complexity. These systems, by design, are particularly suited for:

  • Remote maintenance, diagnosis and control
  • Monitoring and control of the working condition of the machines
  • Monitoring of the power/water consumption and decrease of the emissions
  • Quality controlat the level of the production system and related processes

The target is to improve the efficiency of the productive process and the competitivity of the company, reducing wastes and decreasing costs while increasing safety of the workers and improving environmental impact. Collecting data, historicizing them and elaborating them can give every client and project useful information to realize improvements and savings.

iiot solutions - consulting and IIoT projects - cp sistemi
iiot solutions - consulting and IIoT projects - cp sistemi

Consulting and IIoT turnkey projects

To be able to use the functionalities offered by SCADA and IIoT to their fullest, it is necessary to adopt software solutions that allow, on one side, to interpret the data provided by the devices, while on the other to elaborate it for various targets: take actions, analyze data, identify trends, connect to other IT infrastructures etc. It is a very difficult task to realize an ad-hoc solution, given the number of aspects that need to be considered and handled.

CP Sistemi does not only offer IIoT turnkey projects, but also consulting services. We support our clients in the analysis, development and installation phases, even on the site where necessary. Our knowledge in the industrial market allows us to support our clients also in the choice of hardware devices for data collection, carrying out inspections when needed.

Make your comany more efficient!

The goal of CP Sistemi is to improve the efficiency of the production process and the competitivity of your company, cutting wastes, reducing costs, increasing safety and reducing the environmental impact.

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