Face the Digital Transformation with CP Sistemi

Digital Transformation and Distributed Data Acquisition Systems

Today everybody knows that reliable, easily accessible real time data constitutes a huge gain that modern companies use in support of operative decisions. Our company realizes software architecture that integrates operational level acquired data (plants and automatic machines) with the Information Technology level (ERP and MES).

The industrial world is in constant evolution thanks to the digital transformation, enabled by the global connectivity. In the industry and infrastructure sector, overcoming the boundaries of software languages between machines and departments is today possible only thanks to open platforms that connect existing systems in a reliable, fast, secure and scalable way. Every object generates data, and data is the center point of the digital transformation. Making them available for inter-operable deviceis crucial to create new opportunities for the growth of the company. A needed revolution is under way for every company, not just the bigger ones.

CP Sistemi is the technological vehicle that guides the companies towards a conscious digitalization. Thanks to the union between technical and economic needs, CP Sistemi leads companies towards better economical performances and profit margin.

PLC remote assistance and maintenance with Ewon

For yearsCP Sistem has worked with Ewon managing to create, thanks to the deep knowledge in the product, complex distributed architecture for data collection.

Ewon solutions guarantee reliable connectivity to implement IIoT applications. As real technological platform for an interconnected company, Ewon offers everything needed to implement remote PLC assistance via the Internet. Thanks to the CP Sistemi applications, it is possible toremotely control plants not manned via secure VPN access(handled via the connectivity Ewon service Talk2M).

Ewon solutions implemented on the machine allow to receive/send alarm notifications, visualize, register and historicize data to allow the analysis of performance indicators (KPI), to monitor the production efficiency and implement predictive-maintenance applications.

Ewon solutionshave no connectivity limitations (4G, WiFi, LAN, Internet etc.) and support any protocol, including OPC-UA and MQTT.

SCADA systems for management, supervision and remote control
We develop and test PLC Software
Ewon industrial routers guarantee reliable connectivity for IIoT applications
IoT solutions in the industrial field
Industry 4.0 solutions and the Digital Transformation
MES Integration: optimization and integration between IT and OT