We develop
custom software solutions

Software Development

CP Sistemi offers its skills and know-how to develop custom software solutions for its customers. Using manifold platform software development, it offers a product tailored towards the specific customer needs, that allows to follow the innovation and digitalization processes that the market requires. The development activity is provided with detailed documentations,operating specifications, flow charts and user manuals.

Systems [tested and checked] before and after the implementation

The developed system is checked in a preliminary phase with an internal simulation during the development phases, and then proceeds to the FAT(Factory Acceptance Test, tests performed before the system is deployed to the customer) and to the SAT(Site Acceptance Test, tests performed at system installation phase on site). These tests have the function of verifying the proper operation of the system supplied.

SCADA systems for management, supervision and remote control
Ignition: universal platform for industrial applications
We develop and test PLC Software