Industry 4.0 Solutions and the Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0: factories are increasingly digital and interconnected

The increasing competition of the market forces the industries to constantly review the processes to achieve the maximum operational efficiency. To obtain an improvement of the process efficiency, we need to know them perfectly to determine – through various methodologies – what actions, instruments and abilities can affect the duration of the process or its precision.

Nowadays, the market offers instruments and know-how that allowto collect a nearly infinite of datacoming from machines and plants of any dimension and complexity. These data can be analyzed, possibly highlighting efficiency indices, as to offer information that allow informed choices. Further help comes from the tools that allow to automate the data collection through process digitalization, in order to reduce human error and assure the required precision of the process.

We help industries enter the Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 has been for a few years at the center of the economic transformation in Italy and in the world. It is a process that is leading towards a completely automatic and interconnected industrial production, where machine talk to one another and are able to perform self-diagnostic and preventive maintenance.

The digital transformation is a delicate passage, a cultural shift within the companies. CP Sistemi leads these companies not just from a software and technological point of view, but also from an organizational and methodological point of view, offering a complete 360° service.

industry 4.0 solutions and digital transformation - cp sistemi
industry 4.0 solutions and digital transformation - smart industry - cp sistemi

The 4 development areas for new digital technologies

New digital technologies will have a deep impact in 4 development fields:

1. Data usage, computing power and connectivity (Big data, open data, Internet of Things, machine-to-machine e cloud computing) for the centralization of information and their storage.

2. Analysis: once data is collected, we need to extract its value. Today, just 1% of the collected data is used by companies that could greatly benefit from “machine learning”, therefore machines that optimize their work “learning” from the data collected during the execution.

3. Human-machine interaction, which is simplified by the introduction of user-friendly interfaces

4. Passage from digital to “real”. This includes additive manufacturing, robotics, communications, machine-to-machine interactions and new technologies aimed at storing and using energy in targeted way to optimize performance and reduce costs.

CP Sistemi implements SCADA supervision solutions and integration solutions for different management instruments with plants, in alignment with the principles of Industry 4.0

We lead companies in the digital transformation

CP Sistemi implements solutions in alignment with the Industry 4.0 principles and leads these companies not just from a software and technological point of view, but also from an organizational and methodological point of view.

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