Training Softwares Services

From the use of Ignition, Kepware, CitecSCADA, EWON, to the achievement of a prototype

CP Sistemioffers its experience in the automation field to its clients, starting from the use of software development tools such as Ignition, Kepware, CitecSCADA and Ewon, up to the realization of complex projects.

Training services offered by CP Sistemi have the goal of fully training the client and/or its technicians: from the advanced use of various development tools and the design of the best project architecture up to the realization of a project prototype.

CP Sistemi manages to offer training focusedon the needs of the specific customer and help the customer’s technicians in a safe and tested path for the realization of their software projects.

At the end of the training, the client and its technicians will be completely autonomous and skilled to reproduce what was learned.

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