Ewon Drivers

Extend the Ewon router potential with Ewon Drivers

Ewon Drivers is a utility which allows to extend the communication protocols of the Ewon routers. Once installed, it allows to select the protocol to use and the control of the application directly via the web Ewon router interface.

To simplify things, the software selects the variables to query analyzing the TAGs already present on the Ewon router; this way adding and removing TAGs is simple and efficient. The price of Ewon Drivers is independent of the number of TAGs wish to read via the driver.

Ewon Drivers is compatible with the Serial – Ethernet converters, with eVCOM and with the MODBUS Gateway. It is possible to use either the serial port or a TCP/IP socket as communication channel and it supports multithreading (one thread per communication channel).

WithEwon Driversyou can monitor the state of the communication channel and the exchanged packets (sent/received) through theReal-Time Log.

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