Integrated solutions
for the industry

We work to improve the efficiency of industrial processes

CP Sistemi works as System Integrator offering integrated solutions, from the design to the development of the entire solution. With a twenty-year experience in various market sectors and a wide range of software tools, CP Sistemi is always able to identify the best approach to develop new project, as well as of-fer support in restructuring and refactoring existing software solutions.


CP Sistemi offers a 360° service, leading companies through the digital transformation not only from the software and technology point of view, but also from the methodology and or-ganizational point of view

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Software Development

We offer out skills and know-how to develop custom software solutions

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Our team offers complete and focused consulting in industrial automation and IT-OT integration

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Software Training

Our training services are focused on training our client and/or its technicians in realizing software projects

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Software Engineering

We deal with production processes and development methods used to realize software systems

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PLC Automation

We develop software and PLC application for industrial automation companies

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SCADA Systems

We develop various types of system: starting from the simples operator panel (HMI) to the more complicated supervision and remote-control systems

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Ignition is the platform that integrates data collection, real-time analysis and IT systems inte-gration.

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Digital Transformation

Every object generates data and it is crucial to make them available to various inter-connected devices in order to generate new growth opportunities

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MES Integration

A system that acquires and distributes information that allow to optimize the production

Ewon - Industrial Automation Consulting IT-OT Integration - cp sistemi system integrator

Ewon Router

We develop business Ewon router for IIot Applications and PLC remote assistance

Make your company SMART!

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Industry 4.0

For years now Industry 4.0 has been at the center of the economic transformation in Italy as well as in the rest of the world. It is a process that is leading towards a completely automatic and inter-connected production cycle, where machines talk to one another, self-diagnose and allow for preventive maintenance.


IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) refers to the application of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to the industrial field, integrating various technologies. The goal is to improve the efficiency of the production process and the competitiveness of the company by cutting wastes, reducing costs, improving safety and reducing the environmental impact.

iiot - system integrator for industries and companies - cp sistemi

Operating sectors


We simplify your company’s activity with innovative solutions