We develop and test PLC applications

PLC Automation

CP Sistemi,thanks to its highly qualified team, develops software for industrial automation companies. IT specialists can develop PLC applications even inside customer’s company or the final customer’s company.

We also take care of design and test of application for industrial machines and automatic plants which are controlled by PLC(Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, Schneider, Omron, Phoenix Contact).
To do that, we use the newest languages and technologies to reduce the development time and cost.

The technical skills acquired on SCADA systems, and more generally on the whole industrial automation world, allow us to develop and realizePLC applications for the remote control of plants and/or processes.

SCADA systems for management, supervision and remote control
Ignition: universal platform for industrial applications
Industry 4.0 solutions and the Digital Transformation
IoT solutions in the industrial field