Montor the plant and report failures with an SMS or mail

The main function of SMSServeris to inform users away from the plant of any kind of failure that may cause some problems; reporting happens via email and/or SMS. SMSServer is a software that perfectly integrates with CitectSCADA and Vijeo Citect e does not require any change of your project.

SMSServer does not require dedicated hardware, to allow it to send mobile messages just a GSM modem or phone connected to the plant’s PC is needed. SMSServer is the ideal solution for those companies that wish to monitor remotely their plants 24 hours every day of the week,given its full compatibility with the most recent versions of Windows, CitectSCADA and VijeoCitect.

Among the functionalities of SMSServer, there is the possibility of defining a contact hierarchy, as well as to decide who is going to receive the notifications, based on the time and day of the week.

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