Industrial Automation Consulting and IT-OT Integration

Support and consulting for the development and refactoring of business software solutions

Our organizational structure allows us to offer 360-degree consulting and support in the fields of industrial automation and IT-OT integration.

CP Sistemi, as System Integrator and Solution Provider, supports its customers during every phase of the project phase and is able to offer complete and focused consulting over every aspect of the development, realization and implementation of any kind of industrial application: PLC, SCADA, IIoT, MES, HMI and many more.

With a 20 years’ experience in various market sectors and a wide range of software tools, CP Sistemi is able to always find the best approach to develop new projects and offer support during the development and/or refactoring of software solutions.

CP Sistemiguides the customer towards the best solutions for installation given its field, offering consulting services not only on the softwareside, but also on everything hardware and network related: VPN management and optimization, router architecture (Ewon) design and configuration for remote assistance and data collection (both local and remote) using modern technologies with IIoT protocols (MQTT, OPC-UA, etc.).

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The most innovative software platform currently on the market



One of the most common SCADA which, thanks to its flexibility and scalability, finds usage everywhere

Ewon - Industrial Automation Consulting and IT-OT Integration - cp sistemi system integrator


Allows simple, secure and efficient access to machines everywhere and anytime

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Industry 4.0

Synonym of smart industrial production, it provides decisional process in real time, increase productivity, flexibility and agility

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Data acquisition

Reliable, real time and easily accessible data are a great advantage that companies used to support operative decisions


Scalable systems

The ability to adapt to the increase in users, data and the number of required functionalities


Data transfer in MES-field

Allows to collect production data and the real-time control of the production in terms of orders, operators or machines


Communication drivers

Interfacing with any other device has never been as easy


Remote control

Supervision via software and data collection via a network of devices geographically distributed on a complex production plant

SCADA systems for management, supervision and remote control
Ignition: universal platform for industrial applications
Ewon industrial routers guarantee reliable connectivity for IIoT applications
Industry 4.0 solutions and the Digital Transformation
IoT solutions in the industrial field
Evolution of the industrial world
MES Integration: optimization and integration between IT and OT
Innovation and digitalization with custom software solutions
We develop and test PLC Software