Ewon for IIoT applications and remote PLC assistance

Ewon router programming for BASIC, Java and HTML projects

CP Sistemi, thanks to the deep knowledge of industrial Ewon routers, can program Ewon routers developing BASE, JAVA and HTML projects that are able to utilize to the maximum potential of the product and of the services offered by the Ewon platform. Particularly, we developed a wide set of communication driver that integrate the Ewon native drivers.

The Ewon solutions guarantee a reliable connectivity to develop IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications with a secure VPN access, handled by the Ewon connectivity service Talk2M. Thanks to our 20-year experience, we are able to quickly and efficiently guide our customer towards the best product for its needs, suggesting the best architecture to optimize the resources usage.

It is moreover possible to program alarm notifications that allow prompt intervention when a particular condition occurs. Ewon, as a real technological platform for an interconnected plant, offers everything that is necessary to machine providers to implement remote assistance PLC solutions via internet.

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