SMSServer is a add-on for CitectSCADA that lets you notify the alarms coming from the plant via SMS and/or email. SMSServer is fully compatible with Vijeo Citect.

Server redundancy and remote connection

You can enable CitectSCADA redundancy in SMSServer and set the connection parameters to primary server and to stand-by server (local or remote connection), in order to get always SMSServer support and catch event or failures.

Required hardware

In order to send SMSs a simply mobile phone with internal modem can be used, connecting it to the PC through serial or USB connection.

Address book and calendar

SMSServer is equipped with an address book and a calendar by means of which it is possible to define the persons, or groups of persons, to which notifying the alarms and the respective periods of availability.

You can quickly define periods of availability using copy and paste functions.

Command Line

SMSServer can be completely integrated in the CitectSCADA project using command line arguments.

Multi language

SMSServer interface is localized for the following languages: english, spanish, italian and german.

Easy configuration

SMSServer is strongly configurable and allows to select single alarms or categories of alarm, or groups of alarms and groups of categories of alarm.

Cost independent from project size

The cost of the licences of SMSServer is independent from the number of alarms to notify. It's a cheap and expandable solution.

Free Trial

You can download and try a free demo version, valid 60 days from the installation, complete of all the features.