CP Sistemi has experience in the realization of many projects, both in Italy and abroad, for companies our customers.

We propose ourselves as partners of companies who require a strong product customization, constant attention to quality, interautonomy on the field, proven solutions, in-depth knowledge of the products used.

Our applications are born in the industrial field, in which reliability, service continuity and timeliness are essential requirements.

We develop complete solutions throught the partnership with Compagnia progetti ( Engineering company ) ed ABR Impianti ( Electrical and instrumental systems), following the design, development and commissioning.

Our style

Our way to work previews a tight collaboration with the customer in every phase of project, from the definition to the final inspection.

In this way we are sure to correspond to the requirements of our customers.

Brochure (PDF)

Citect Integration Partner

Our experience and reliability during years of use of CitectSCADA has allowed us to be officially recognized as Citect Integration Partner.