• Supervision systems and remote control of electrical substations for high, medium and low voltage distribution
  • PLC program for automatic selective detachment load
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Dedicated Software


  • SMSServer: CitectSCADA add-on that allow to notify through SMS and/or email active alarms of supervisioning plant. SMSServer is full compatible with VijeoCitect
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  • Systems with highly complex network architecture (server and client) and server redundancy
  • Supervision of lighting, antifire and smoke control system for railway 
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Web Applications


  • Management of automated stations with collection and publication of main data on custom website
  • SMS and Email Alarm reporting
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  • Supervision system for monitoring and remote control of water and electricity supply for over 250 berths
  • Centralized management to enable the provision and for consumption recording
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  • Supervision systems for photovoltaic fields with static and dynamic panels
  • Automatic management of panel's position in case of low radiation, snow or wind alarm
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Building Automation


  • Remote control systems:
    • Time scheduling for switching on/off internal and external building lighting
    • Video surveillance
    • Conditioning management



Human machine interfaces for the realization of leak-test with high efficiency

Interfacing with vision systems for quality control