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CP MigSystem 870 is a software application that implements the functionality of a programmable protocol converter. It can operate as a gateway interface between the field and an IEC 60870-5 slave.

CP MigSystem 870 is particularly flexible and versatile at communication with the field. It can read directly physical devices on the field, or communicate with a SCADA. It can read individual measures, import Recorded Chronological Events (RCE) of individual devices or the entire alarms history from SCADA applications (eg, CitectSCADA, Zenon, etc.).

General architecture

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  • Customizable: as a software product CP MigSystem 870 can be easily customized to meet customer needs.
  • Comprehensive: read the Recorded Chronological Events (RCE) and real-time values of devices directly from the field, by making them available in IEC protocol.
  • Robust: redundancy IEC support, which is often a feature request.
  • Reliable: communication protocols are based on proven libraries.
  • Programmable: processing of data gathered from the field is possible before publishing them on IEC protocol.
  • No proprietary hardware required: in the case of large deployments significantly reduce the costs of the solutions on the market.

Examples of use

Installed side by side in a third-party SCADA:

CP MigSystem 870 can translate the events recorded by the SCADA in IEC and make them accessible to third parties via Ethernet or serial interface.

Installed stand-alone in industrial PC:

CP MigSystem 870 reads the values and the RCE field and exposes them to a higher level through IEC 80870 protocol access via Ethernet or serial interface.


The gateway is initialized with an XML configuration file, in which the user can setup ModNet and IEC communication settings, but also can setup the correspondence between addresses and points ModNet IEC.


All major activities carried out by CP MigSystem 870 can be saved as log file. Gateway information and error messages are presented in chronological order on the same file or separate files, with the ability to set the amount of historical data to be preserved. The logging feature is configurable via an XML file.

System Requirements

CP MigSystem 870 does not require any extra hardware in addition to the PC on which it runs, which can coexist with any other application (e.g. a SCADA).
The application is based on Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. Supported operating systems are:Windows 2000 SP4, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

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