AlarmAdvisor is a real-time software for alarms notification. Linked to the most classical historical events interfaces (such as MySql, Sql, CSV files, ...), it can be attached to your system, whatever it is, in an immediate and intuitive way and permits the monitoring through notification sent by SMS, Email, Tweet.

Born to be the flexible, thanks to AlarmAdvisor a simple events history can become the heart of your application, an instrument through which notify to the most relevant persons the incoming of alarm conditions.

Unbounded for its nature from the classical SCADA systems, AlarmAdvisor allows customers to link a number of them simply defining in the right way the method that has to be used to get and understand the events history. In order to make this work easily, our development team is working to create ad-hoc connectors that permits to link directly SCADA with a minimum effort from the customer. Since now, these are SCADA for which our team developed a specific connector:

  • Ignition;
  • eSync DM (eWon).

AlarmAdvisor main advantages are not restricted to the large range of products that can be integrated, they can be extended to other features of the application that permit to the customer to suit the specific needs best:

  • Definition of contacts for notifications receive;
  • Grouping contacts and organizing it with a hierarchy;
  • Definition of filters on alarms both at contact and group level;
  • Definition of availability shifts;
  • Different methods for alarm publication;
  • Customization of details to add to the message.

AlarmAdvisor user interface will permit to make all the configurations needed to completely suit the application to your needs, even thanks to the multi language support that grants great usability. Using the dedicated interface, it will be possible to verify the current status of the alarms, the queue of the notification to be sent, the log of the sent and unsent notification and much more.

AlarmAdvisor is independent from the character set used from you operative system, and can send notifications encoded with each one of the language supported from UNICODE text encoding. Thanks to our customer, it has been successfully tested with Cyrillic and Traditional Chinese charsets.

AlarmAdvisor doesn't require dedicated hardware to run, except for the SMS notifications that requires a GSM modem or a mobile phone directly connected to the PC where the application runs. Compatible with the most recent versions of Microsoft Windows, AlarmAdvisor will become your ideal companion in case you have the need not to stand on your plant 24 hour per day and 7 days a week.

Try free AlarmAdvisor, trial version grants complete functionality for about 60 minutes, after then application will stops and needs to be restarted. The license, an USB Dongle Key containing all the informations about activation keys, will permit the user to run AlarmAdvisor on each PC, by transferring the license simply unplugging and plugging the USB key.

Main advantages offered to our Customers

Buying AlarmAdvisor, our customer can rely on:

  • Free support for the configuration and the behaviour of the product and free updates with new features added constantly;
  • Fixed price, unbounded from how many systems or alarms the customer wants to monitor;
  • Chance to group a number of subsystems in a single notification software;
  • Open Interface for alarms reading, unbounded to a specific SCADA behaviour;
  • Chance to configurate how alarms have to be notified.
Windows compatibility

AlarmAdvisor is fully compatible with following Windows versions, both 32 and 64 bits:

  • Windows XP SP3;
  • Windows Vista;
  • Windows 7;
  • Windows 8;
  • Windows Server 2003;
  • Windows Server 2008.
Supported historical events databases
  • Sql;
  • MySql;
  • CSV;
  • ... and much more through ODBC connection.
GSM Modem compatibility

AlarmAdvisor needs a GSM modem or a mobile phone directly linked to the PC where it runs, if customer needs to use SMS funcionality. To be fully compatible with AlarmAdvisor, modem has to support AT/AT+ commands as follows:

  • AT - Establish connection between AlarmAdvisor and the modem;
  • AT+CPIN - Insert PIN Code;
  • AT+CMGS - Send an SMS.

Free Trial

Try free AlarmAdvisor, trial version grants complete functionality for about 60 minutes, after then application will stops and needs to be restarted.